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Hey Alex, thanks a lot on the advice for Forex Candlesticks Made Easy. I purchased their E-book and Ive been able to make 50-80 pips every day since.

Ive never been happier trading Forex now that Im making money rather than losing it!

Glenn Ferguson,

From Alex: Celebrating 3 Years of Successful Forex Trading
RE: Results of my Forex Trading Products Review Test

Hi, the names Alex. If you arent one of my regular subscribers, you probably dont know me. But for those of you who are my regular subscribers, hello again. This time Im here to share with you something Im sure youll love.

If you havent considered Forex trading as a source of side or even primary income, then Im here to tell you that you should. Now, I know a lot of people tend to think that you need to be extraordinarily intelligent or lucky to make big profits with Forex. Before I got started, I too thought that was the case.

I wont lie to you, when I first started I was absolutely lost.

Im just an average Joe; Im not some Wall Street hot-shot trading in stocks, futures, or whatever. I had zero experience when I first started trading Forex. I only hopped onto the bandwagon because a friend of mine told me to give it a go. He made a couple hundred bucks extra every month from it, so I figured, Hey, if he can do it, so can I right?

BOY Was I Wrong...

Never, and I mean NEVER, trade blind. I made that mistake when I first got started, and I ended up wishing I hadnt gotten into it in the first place. I made losses after losses, and even though the losses were relatively small, they were enough to make me want to quit.

What Happened...

What my friend neglected to tell me was that I needed a reliable learning resource when trading Forex. He finally let me in on his little secret: he was basically trading with a guidebook. He showed me this little eBook he had, and it explained everything I needed to know. Technical analysis, trading systems, strategies, and all sorts of technical jargon I hadnt even heard of prior to my foray into Forex.

So this was what I was missing out on!

I decided to give it a try, and lo and behold, the losses got smaller and smaller! I started making small profits here and there, and I began building up my trading account gradually. But naturally, I wanted more. I didnt want to make money sporadically; I wanted to catch the big one. I wanted to make a killing.

Since then, Ive always been on the lookout for effective systems that can give me a nice fat trading account at the end of the day. For a short time I started becoming an addict of sorts; looking up all sorts of systems that I thought would work for me. After months and months of purchasing Forex trading eBooks and systems, I eventually realized that 99% of the stuff out there are just junk!

And that's what prompted me to set up this Forex trading review site - I want to separate the genuinely effective Forex trading resources from the outright scams. I've wasted my money so that now you won't have to.

Be sure to look out for my conclusion right at the bottom of the page, because Ill personally recommend you the one resource I was particularly impressed with, and the one that Im using this very day:

Forex Trading Machine Review
At the relatively steep price of $97 this eBook probably would not be your first consideration when youre looking to educate yourself in Forex trading.

You wouldnt be alone in thinking that, but let me assure you that youll probably be getting your moneys worth (could have been more affordable though!). I cant speak for everyone else, but personally I find that this is one of the better guides on Forex available out there that Ive had the opportunity to try for myself.

The author provides pretty solid techniques that work almost most of the time, but dont worry if they dont; he makes sure that the stops are relatively tight so youll be able to minimize losses. Unfortunately, this also means that your...

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Forex Candlesticks Made Easy Review
Now let me start off by saying that this is NOT a Forex trading system. Well, not really anyway. Personally, I think the one thing that defines a system is that it tells you exactly what to do.

But Forex Candlesticks Made Easy doesnt do that. This eBook
is not a step-by-step regurgitation of a "trading system" that so many so-called traders are selling online these days.

Instead, what it does is to teach you EXACTLY how to read the market, and then allow you to make your own informed decision after youve understood the underlying mechanics of...

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Bird Watching in Lion Country Review
Dont let the title fool you. This eBook isnt about some bird-watching safari in Africa - but neither is it a comprehensive guide to Forex trading.

If youre looking for something basic, something that will give you a general idea about Forex trading is about and what it

takes to succeed, then this is probably the book for you.

Dont expect miracles out of it though, because the author adopts a very fundamentalist approach to trading.

He might have the basics down pat, and really Im impressed with how hes given a very realistic understanding of Forex trading. But despite...

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News Profiteer Review

Out of the four resources reviewed here, I believe News Profiteer is one of the better ones.  

Why? Ill tell you why.

This eBook is probably one of the most interesting Forex eBooks out there on the market,

and the content within it is one of the most fascinating Ive read.

A lot of the Forex eBooks Ive read have not been as informative and detailed as this eBook. It tells you exactly how to make a killing being a serious news trader by showing you how to analyze economic data and whatever announcements you might hear on the news every day...

Now, while you may be initially overwhelmed by just...

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The Conclusion...?

Now, while I may seem impressed with News Profiteer, I think the best choice you can make is to go with Forex Candlesticks Made Easy.

The concepts taught are very easy to understand, and you dont have to spend countless hours trying to digest the information. Its clearly made for the average Joe whos wants to make money in trading Forex, and it teaches you exactly how you can make your own informed decisions by teaching you how to read the market 'language' on your trading chart.

Its very well-written, ridiculously easy to understand, and the concepts are very clear-cut and concise, straight-to-the-point-no-BS.

In all, Forex Candlesticks Made Easy is what I would recommend for anyone looking to improve their trading knowledge and profits. 2008 / 2009