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Forex Trading Review


Hey Alex, thanks a lot on the advice for Forex Candlesticks Made Easy. I purchased their E-book and Ive been able to make 50-80 pips every day since.

 Ive never been happier trading Forex now that Im making money rather than losing it!

Glenn Ferguson,

Forex Trading Machine Review


At the relatively steep price of $97 this eBook would probably not be your first consideration when looking to educate yourself in Forex trading.

You wouldnt be alone in thinking that, but let me assure you that youll probably be getting your moneys worth (could have been more affordable though!). I cant speak for everyone else, but personally I find that this is one of the better guides on Forex available out there that Ive had the opportunity to try for myself.

The author provides solid techniques that work most of the time; and dont worry if they dont - he makes sure that the stops are relatively tight so youll be able to minimize losses. Unfortunately, this has the unintended consequence of being stopped out more often, even if you were right in your trade.

The 'Forex Flip and Go' strategy was what impressed me the most about this eBook, because it really helps day traders catch a significant slice of the daily 80-100 pips with little risk. The Forex Runner strategy is also very impressive considering its simplicity and how its still able to minimize losses and ensure larger winners.

The three strategies covered are outlined very clearly for you to understand, and after digesting everything taught within it, youll find that every bit of the three strategies makes sense, even to the most inexperienced trader.

Bad Points?

The concepts within this eBook are well-written and quite easy to understand. However if youre just starting out in Forex trading then the technical jargon used in the eBook may intimidate you. 

Now, this is where I have to provide the obligatory caveat emptor to those of you considering on purchasing this eBook: Most of the techniques listed within this eBook would require you to sit and monitor price movements during the trading day, and so if youre someone who doesnt do this for a living or someone who doesnt have the time to watch the market, these techniques probably would not work for you.


Considering the steep price point, I would have expected for this eBook to have incorporated more universal techniques, ones that can be used by practically anyone, even those who don't have the time to sit in front of the computer all day. The lack of such universal techniques makes this eBook a slightly disappointing purchase, considering there are cheaper and more comprehensive guides out there in the market.

However, if you are able (and willing) to sit in front of your trading terminal and watch the market, this may be a good choice for you.


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